Breaking Bad

Tipping our hat for this weekend’s upcoming Breaking Bad Fan Fest:

MBA’s 1994 Lovelace Emergency Room design received some nice air time during this episode:

Lovelace ER1 BB Lovelace ER2

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Stephen Brittenham – LEED AP ID+C

Congratulations to Stephen, who successfully passed the LEED AP ID+C exam on June 10, 2014!

ID+C_cmyk  IMG_0737Crop

LEED AP® and the LEED AP logos are trademarks owned by the U.S. Green Building Council® and are used with permission.

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Over 60

I’m over 60.

Not years…I’ve still got a few left before I get there, but my trip to Moreno Valley, CA in December to document a hearing clinic made city number 63 I’ve personally completed an MBA project in. I never anticipated working coast to coast, but it has made for some interesting adventures.

– Steve

Steve Project Locations

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MBA 2012

Another interesting year…we completed Space Validation and As-Built Drawing projects for Hear USA in Arizona and California, and Capital One Bank in Louisiana.  I was fortunate while in California to make a wonderful mountain drive on a road I’d never travelled between Lebec and Ojai, some beach time in Ventura, and a great visit with one of my best friends from childhood in Granada Hills.  All work and no play?  You just have to figure out how to fit the play in when the work is done.

We also completed a Furniture Design and Acquisition Project for the U.S. Marshals Service in Texas:  systems workstations, private offices, and conference, galley and storage space.

MBA even dipped our toe into the international waters with a Feasibility Study for a healing center in Peru.  I was hoping for the site visit, but that card wasn’t in my hand.

We continued ongoing Interior Design and Furniture Inventory projects for the Department of Transportation and Department of Justice in Texas and Oklahoma, and began several new USMS projects in Texas.

It’s been awhile since we had a New Mexico project…we need to change that!

– Steve

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On-Site Field Measurement and CAD Drawing

MBA recently completed measurement and as-built CAD drawings for 22 hearing clinics in Arizona and Southern California.  This was our first exercise in field measurement AND creating the CAD drawings (floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, and telephone/electrical/data plans) on-site with a laptop computer.  Previously, we documented our information on hard-copy floor plans and field notes, and prepared the drawings when we returned to our desktops at the office.  Having worked both ways, Steve certainly prefers having the laptop in the field.  Very nice to be able to go and check something immediately if it doesn’t seem to work out in the drawing.  These were small sites, 500 – 4,000 SF each, and a good project to implement this change in procedure.

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Janis Miller – LEED Green Associate

Congratulations to Janis, who successfully passed the LEED Green Associate exam on June 1, 2012!

“LEED Green Associate” and the LEED Green Associate logo are trademarks owned by the U.S. Green Building Council and are awarded to individuals under license by the Green Building Certification Institute.

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MBA 2011

Another year in the books, and we managed to stay successful despite the economic tribulations going on around us.

No high-profile projects, but we kept busy specifying furnishings, finishes and artwork for a number of U.S. Marshals, Dept. of Defense, and Dept. of Transportation offices across Texas and Louisiana; furnishings inventories for the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission in Houston, and Dept. of Justice in Muskogee; space validations/studies/assessments for the IRS and Bureau of Reclamation in Albuquerque, and Citizenship & Immigration in Dallas. We even put Randal back to work on our CIS project. We also provided CAD drafting assistance to Hilton and Holiday Inn hotels in Texas, Louisiana and Nebraska, and designed tile patterns and interior finishes for the Mettie Jordan Elementary School in Eunice, NM.

Leah & Frank returned from Europe, then moved to Denver where opportunity was knocking.

And from the pictures we see, Hannah is having way too much fun being a mom.

Let’s see where 2012 takes us.

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Janis Miller

Janis Miller

After an extended leave of absence, Janis has returned from Texas to MBA’s Albuquerque office. The timing couldn’t have been better, as Leah has just taken off with her husband for a six-week tour of Europe, and Hannah is out on maternity leave, the new mother of a beautiful baby daughter!

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Bureau of Reclamation

Just completed an Organizational Survey and Space Assessment Report for the Albuquerque Area Office of the Bureau of Reclamation. These people are helping to meet new water needs and balance competing water uses along with six other offices in the Upper Colorado Region. Important stuff in this part of the country. Would love to see them get away from their 82″ high panels, and get more natural light into their office space!

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Bank of America

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MBA recently completed another round of space validation and documentation for Bank of America.  Coordinating with Branch Managers and Property Managers, we visited 92 sites in New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Texas, documenting over 500,000 SF of space.  Individual sites ranged from 2,200 to 35,000 SF.

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