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MBA 2012

Another interesting year…we completed Space Validation and As-Built Drawing projects for Hear USA in Arizona and California, and Capital One Bank in Louisiana.  I was fortunate while in California to make a wonderful mountain drive on a road I’d never travelled between Lebec and Ojai, some beach time in Ventura, and a great visit with one of my best friends from childhood in Granada Hills.  All work and no play?  You just have to figure out how to fit the play in when the work is done.

We also completed a Furniture Design and Acquisition Project for the U.S. Marshals Service in Texas:  systems workstations, private offices, and conference, galley and storage space.

MBA even dipped our toe into the international waters with a Feasibility Study for a healing center in Peru.  I was hoping for the site visit, but that card wasn’t in my hand.

We continued ongoing Interior Design and Furniture Inventory projects for the Department of Transportation and Department of Justice in Texas and Oklahoma, and began several new USMS projects in Texas.

It’s been awhile since we had a New Mexico project…we need to change that!

– Steve

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